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Becoming a member of the AQHA is not just a subscription, it’s a lifestyle! 
Promotional memberships are available to first time members of the AQHA. 
Join other quarter horse owners and become part of the Australian Quarter Horse Industry 
Being a member gives you the right to apply or take part for all our services on offer: 

  • Register your horse
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Leasing horses
  • Lodgement of Breeding Returns
  • Horseback Riding Program
  • Lodgement of points gained at shows
  • Opportunity to compete at National and State levels 
  • Register of Merits, Superior Halter and Performance Horse recognition and a lot more
  • Become part of the Youth or Amateur Divisions
  • Annual High Point Awards in different equine disciplines
  • Professional Horsemen Group
  • Member Personal Accident Insurance Policy.  View policy   INSURANCE SCHEME

But most of all – become part of the growing, vibrant, family friendly quarter horse industry in Australia

Camp drafting, Cutting, Halter, Timed Events, Dressage/Hacking, Pleasure/Trail, Reining, Western Riding, Pony Club just to name a few of the disciplines that quarter horses compete in.   


As of 1 August 2020

Life Members are individual persons, a Corporation or Partnership, who have paid the relevant membership fee and are members for twenty (20) years from the date of the initial payment. Life Members that are Corporations or Partnership must appoint a Nominee. Only the Nominee of this membership has the right to sign any documents on behalf of the Life Member. Every Life Member has one vote at general meetings.

Full Members are natural persons who have been admitted as such and have paid the relevant annual membership fee. Every Full Member has one vote at general meetings.

Discounted Full Membership - Two people, that reside at the same address, who are married or in a defacto relationship, both will be eligible for a Full membership in their own name. Both can vote at general meetings.

Constituent Members are persons (other than natural persons) that have been admitted as such and have paid the relevant annual membership fee. Constituent Members must appoint a Nominee. Every Constituent Member has one vote at general meetings and only the Nominee has the rights to sign any documents on behalf of this Constituent Membership.

Youth Members are natural persons up to the age of 18 years as at 1 August in the preceding year who  have paid the relevant annual membership fee. meetings.  A Discounted Youth Membership is available for those Youth that reside at the same address as a Full, Life, Honorary or Constituent Member. All paperwork relating to this Youth Membership must be signed by the Nominee (Parent/Guardian). Youth Members are not entitled to vote at general meetings.

Associate Members is for natural persons, corporations and partnerships, who no longer wish to register horses, lodge breeding returns etc. but still have connections to the Association and have paid the relevant annual membership fee. Associate Members are not entitled to vote at general meetings. 

Affiliate Members are for Clubs or organisations that have:

  1. objects similar to those of the AQHA
  2. paid the relevant annual membership fee;
  3. at least 15 members who are also members of the Association (or such other number as may be determined by the directors) and each member has paid the relevant annual membership fee. An Affiliate must appoint a Nominee who is the only person that can sign on behalf of the Affiliate Membership. Only the Nominee of an Affiliate Membership has one vote at general meetings.

Honorary Members are natural persons selected as a Honorary Members by the directors without any relevant membership fee payable for such period as specified on selection by the directors. Every Honorary Honorary Member has one vote at general meetings.

Amateur and Select Amateur Permits (50 years old and over) are for those members who are no longer eligible to exhibit in youth classes, who are not professional in the horse industry and have paid the relevant annual Permit fee and hold a current Full membership with the Association. financial Full member. 

Professional Horseman Permit Membership of this group is a privilege, not a right and subject to continual review. Members of this group understand that the equine industry and clients, expect a high standard of conduct and that every horse shall at all times be treated with humanity, dignity, respect and compassion. The relevant annual Permit fee must be paid and the Member must be a current Full member of the Association.

Board of Directors The only members eligible to be elected as directors are natural persons who:

 (a) are Life Members or Full Members;

 (b) have been members of the Association for the past three (3) consecutive years;

 (c) are resident in Australia; and

 (d) are not employees of the Association.

 A member is not entitled to be elected as a Director of the Company unless any membership fee then payable by the member has been paid.

Signatory Authorisation Form

Is available for any member (youth excluded) who wish to have their paperwork, that is lodged with the Association, signed by another person on their behalf.


To exhibit at AQHA National or State Shows

The exhibitor showing the horse must hold a financial Full, Youth, individual Life or be the nominee of a financial membership (with the exception of the nominee of a Youth or Affiliate Membership).

Associate and Affiliate Memberships have no showing rights.

The horse must be registered in a financial membership.

To exhibit in Amateur classes, besides being a current Full member, the Amateur must have a current Amateur Permit.

To gain points at other approved AQHA Shows

Amateur and Youth  The Youth or Amateur must be financial members and the Amateur must hold a current Amateur Permit.

Horses exhibited must be registered in a financial membership.