AQHA Judges - Peter Bellden (Portfolio Director)
Our Judges are respected throughout Australia and overseas for their dedication and integrity.
Designation as an AQHA Judge is a privilege, bestowed by the Judging sub-committee, and ratified
by the Board of Directors, to individuals whose equine expertise and
personal character merit the honour.
Applicants must be at least twenty one (21) years of age.
Accredited Judge - can officiate at "A", "AA" State or National Show levels
Associate Judge - can officiate at "A" level only
Accredited Trail Judge - can officiate at "A" and "AA" Trails only
Versatility Ranch Judge Level 1 - can officiate at VRS but cannot judge the cattle classes
Versatility Ranch Judge Level 2 - can officiate at VRS and judge all four (4) Categories 
Are you interested in becoming an AQHA Judge?
There is always a place for more education in your life. You have done the showing/breeding, why not become more involved in the Quarter Horse industry, you probably have a lot to offer your association.

 To any member that maybe contemplating becoming an AQHA Judge, please contact the AQHA Office via   email to pa@aqha.com.au and you will be emailed the  Introduction to Judging documents that will provide   all the information you will need to start your journey into becoming an AQHA Judge.

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