Janelle Thomas Professional Horsemen

Janelle Thomas 

Janelle owns & operates a boutique business, coaching & mentoring young people in life & horsing
with a key therapeutic focus. Empowering kids/youth through horses to find a fresh confidence,
assisting those living with anxiety and disability create new patterns of behaviour and develop new
neural pathways, creating positive outcomes.

Janelle has a life long association with Western Riding Programmes in kids camps.
With 45 years in horses and 35 instructing, making an impact through helping riders overcome fears
and misconceptions, that inhibit their outcomes. A true communicator and educator, she has a
systematic and sequential approach to understanding horsemanship, self, and the development of
skills to help riders achieve their goals. Offering clinics, private and group training for kids/youth on
school horses.

Janelle is a keen advocate for the AQHA and the western performance industry to new comers
in horse riding!

FB - The Red Gate Christian Ministries.
Instagram - the.red.gate
Located in Longwarry West Gippsland, Victoria.