Kronenberg, Netherlands 2nd to 12th July

Coach: Patricia Wettenhall     Manager: Carol Ricketts

**Due to Covid-19 the YWC 2020, that was to be held in the Netherlands, has been cancelled.

It is unfortunate that some of our Team members will not be of the correct age to be able to participate in YWC 2023.

To all the AQHA Youth, who nominated for this Team, thank you for your time and effort.

Coach and Manager

Trish Wettenhall, Carol Ricketts



           Peta Hicks - Rider                            Jessica Pascoe - Rider                             Chloe Leetham - Rider


       Holly Gutterson - Rider                     Alexis Gifford - Leadership                          Sharnte Wilson - Rider

                                                               Dazhara Mears - Reserve/Leadership