Horseback Riding Program



Our program is for AQHA Members WHO

simply enjoy riding their quarter horses!

                                            Could this be You?


Once enrolled you will receive Log Sheets, just fill in the hours you have ridden,

send it to the AQHA and reap the incentives. This program is on an honour system.

There is no deadlines and enrolment is at no cost and easy to complete.

It is so easy to register!

You don’t have to own the horse, but it must be registered with the AQHA.

You can ride more than one horse to accumulate your hours.

You must not be competing or participating in any other type of

equine point scoring or placing event.

This is an incentive based program.

HBRP is a leisure time activity, we reward you for doing what you love best – just riding.


You are always a winner

when you ride your quarter horse



25 hours


500 hours


50 hours

AQHA/HBRP Polo Shirt

750 hours

$100 Horseland Voucher 

75 hours


1000 hours

$150 Horseland Voucher

100 hours

$50 Horseland Voucher 

2000 hours

AQHA/HBRP Saddle Pad

250 hours


3000 hours


Enquire via the form below or download Application and Log Sheets at  Horseback Riding Forms.