Buying A Quarter Horse



  1. Is the Horse Registered with the AQHA?
    Sight the registration papers and make sure the horse you are buying matches the certificate - gender, markings, brands, colour etc. 
  2. Online Studbook   gives you the opportunity to research the horses pedigree and the name of the last recorded owner on the AQHA database. Who are you buying this horse from? Is it the person whose name is on the Registration papers? If it is then go to item 4, if not go to item 3.
  3. If the horse is not registered with the AQHA in the sellers name, and the horse has changed hands a few times, but has never been transferred, make sure you gain information about who the seller purchased the horse from. 
  4. Get a receipt! AQHA Papers are not legal proof of ownership. Make sure you receive a receipt for your purchase which states the name and registration number of the horse (if not registered then full description of the horse should go on the receipt) the sellers name and contact details, the price you paid, make sure it states PAID IN FULL. Make sure the receipt is signed. It is recommended that if you purchase a horse "on conditions" that you have a signed contract between both parties.
  5. Make sure the Transfer Form  is signed by the person selling the horse. If it is an older type registration form it might not have a Transfer section on the back of the Transfer form available at Registry Services    
  6. Do you want the horse transferred into your name? Then you will need to be a financial member of the AQHA to do so. 
  7. If the Horse is not registered, but you are told it can be registered? Then contact the AQHA office with any details you have and we can research the information we have on file. Please make sure you know the sire, dam and age of horse. 
  8. Are you buying a mare in foal? 
    Make sure you receive the mare's registration papers and a receipt, and make sure the transfer for the mare is signed over to you. Contact the AQHA office in regards to the foal - we will check if a Breeding Return has been lodged and inform you of what else you need to do to make sure that the resulting foal can be registered when it is born. Registering the foal can sometimes be a problem if the Breeding Return for this foal has not been lodged with the AQHA. 
  9. Are you buying an unregistered foal?  Contact the AQHA office to make sure all paperwork for this foal has been lodged. If the Breeding Return has been lodged, then you should receive a computer generated "Application for Registration" from the seller of the foal. Make sure the breeder (the owner of the mare at the time of service) signs the Breeders Declaration on the application form.